Star Alliance: The Round the World Ticket

In anticipation of a big post-MBA trip that had been in the works for years, I bought this around the world plane ticket from Star Alliance.

zeus flies on an zepelin

I had high hopes that it would be a great deal. Cheap.   I had heard that it was, at least.  It was rather more expensive than the sum of the parts.  Not by much, but advantage:  Expedia.  But flexibility is worth a lot so being in the +5% range is really nothing.

A total of $1150 worth of flights disappeared in my 2011 precursor trip in South America.  Mostly due to me being incompetent in booking… but it was not a fully on me.  In this case I could have used at least some flexibility.  I have nightmares of dealing with Expedia and Air Canada.  It was dreadful.  I could not move/reschedule flights months in advance even for a fee.  I remember chatting with these guy the flights I booked (there and back) while in Ecuador.

Can I please pay you money, possibly measured in wheelbarrels full (coins and small bills!) to, in  six weeks’ time, fly dome from Colombia and not Argentina?

Siiiiiir.  Sir.  No.  Of course not.  Not at all. You must you go back to Argentina and fly from there.

It’s 4600 km the wrong way.  Stars and daisies.  $t@rs and d@i$!es.  PG rated slang for a host of unpleasant profanity, this, courtesy of Vesna N, is a fun modifier.  Now I’m a lot more careful about which tickets I end up with.

So far it’s been great flying with United.  I had a straight shot from Edmonton to NYC and am now in Newark waiting to head to Edinburgh later tonight.  Another interesting aspect of the Star Alliance ticket is that I will have a total of eight different carriers in total.

a bucket of crazy airlines

Anyway, I’m very excited to see how it all plays out.  It’s been great at for the first little bit.

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