Global Megacities and Getting Around

I had no overarching theme in planning this trip.  But at the time of writing this (out of the heart of London on the way to Stonehenge) it’s more clear: noteworthy global mega and wonders of the world.  There are even eight megacities, as in those over 10 million people in the metro area.  I’m on the second leg of essentially the same trip.  It’s an interesting way of looking at things.  Continuity is in my mind: much like WWI and WWII were the same conflict, with a lengthy  intermission in between driven by things like  reparations, territory loss, incomplete victory and setting the cultural stage.  Anyway, the amazing parts of the world that I saw in the first leg in South America, during school with Asia and (more of) North America set the stage for this trip.


populations megacities


Starting in South America was great.  I miss it’s great bus system while in Europe.  And by great, I actualy mean great in additon to cheap.  Cheap enough to log some 16,000 km in fact.  There is a wide variance in the bus quality among the centuries.  Some of the common perceptions of old school buses with no suspension careening around corners as your seatmate’s chickens squawk is (sometimes) the case parts of the Andes like Bolivia.  But the Argentinian and Chilean buses were absolutely amazing.  My first ride in Argentina was 20 hours south.  The bus was amazing: the seat fully reclined, it was catered with hot meals and was just a great experience.  The cost for this, the first class of buses, was about $5 per hour of travel. After the supper the bus attendant came around.

Senior…  Coffee, Tea, or Whhhhhhhsky?

Looking back, this was clearly not Scotch from the Glenfiddich distillery.  But what they lacked in quality, they made up for in enthusiasm.  And sheer quantity.  The just take a regular water glass and fill it up to about 1/3 full.  Yikes.

I remember reading an article on the “20 stupedest GI Joe vehicles ever” some years ago.  They mentioned taking design cues form the Central American transit system with “guys handing off the back of every vehicle.”  Funny take, but you there were no dudes hanging off buses.  Thankfully — I’d have been the one on there if it was the case.

GI joe




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