The least thrilling (fake) library ever

I was staying at a hostel called Rest Up in London.  It was good value and had some cool accessories in it’s old (giant) building.  Like lights.  And a the English telephone box (lower right.)coool lights

What is lacked was a book exchange.  So as a substitute they picked out the best “library” wallpaper they could find.  And the place is extensively renovated, so I’m confident that it was a concious choice.  I’m not sure who manufactures this stuff, but presumably they only have one job.  Rather than anything classic, cool or inspirational — they opted for the GMAT study guide so one may hone one’s quant skills before trying to get into B-School.    Or the Maggie Thatcher bio.

If you can’t have real books, common courtesy is to at least pick some good fake ones!

fake books





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